Little Mermaid – Attractive Ocean Fish Shooting Game

Little Mermaid OK VIP is one of the reputable game addresses that attracts a large number of players today. The game has attractive payout rates and extremely easy rules. However, if you think the game only depends on luck, don’t skip this article. We will reveal effective methods of using weapons.

Learn about the Little Mermaid game

Little Mermaid has an extremely unique design, inspired by fish shooting games from supermarkets and shopping centers. Because of its familiarity, it has created sympathy for players right from the beginning. Furthermore, there are many attractive features along with unique reward identities. 

When coming here, the fisherman will be provided with a gun, place a bet and proceed to use the weapon to destroy the creature. Of course your mission is to get as many bonus points as possible. 

The game uses the most vivid graphics and sound at the present time. Surely you will be attracted by the vast, vast ocean world full of diverse creatures providing an interesting experience. There are many different game modes that increase the prize amount or make the gameplay more complete. This space is guaranteed to make fishermen fascinated.

Little Mermaid – Methods of using game weapons

As introduced above, this fish shooting game requires a lot of skill to increase the bonus level in the system. Here are some familiar playing methods: 

Focus on the fish 

Shooting focused on schools of fish, not playing individually, will help the hit rate to be higher than usual. At the same time, if you combine a little luck, you will save a large amount of bullets discharged. Of course it will still kill the fish. Shooting fish in schools Little Mermaid Increases the rate of receiving special items. 

In addition, fishermen should not use the autoplay feature when participating in fish shooting. Because this weapon consumes a lot of ammo and is not more effective than normal. In case special creatures such as big fish or mermaids appear, you can choose autoplay mode. 

The power of explosive bomb weapons

Once an explosive bomb weapon is used, certainly no fish can escape the table. Because this is the weapon with the greatest power in the game. Explosive bombs are capable of destroying most types of fish in the affected area and surrounding areas in Little Mermaid.

The weapon is very suitable to use when the player wants to catch schools of fish running in groups. At this point, I only need one bomb to collect the coins in my hand. 

Poison – 1-time use weapon

Poison is one of the most powerful weapons in Little Mermaid. Just using it will help kill many fish species. However, the disadvantage of poison is that it can only be used once per game. 

The strategy for using this weapon is to combine it with the explosive bomb above to capture the mermaid for a big reward. Taking advantage of poison will make your experience more complete. 

Radiation and electric shock increase the chance of hitting

Radiation is not considered a specific weapon but an accessory that increases the strength of special features. When used it will double the chance of hitting a creature. Here will help increase the probability of shooting fish and getting high bonuses. Please consider choosing the most accurate time to combine. 

In Little Mermaid there is also an electric shock weapon. However, it does not have the effect of killing fish, it can only cause the fish to lose blood, and shock them, causing them to stand still.

Things to note when playing Little Mermaid fish shooting at Okvip

Below are some notes when participating in fish shooting at Okvip that many experts apply: 

  • Use bullets appropriately: When shooting, fishermen need to observe the sizes of targets to choose the most suitable bullets. You should not use a lot of bullets on small targets. 
  • Combine many types of bullets: In Little Mermaid provides players with a variety of weapons introduced above. Players should know how to take advantage of, consider and combine weapons to achieve effective results. 
  • Using the offshore feature: When accessing this feature, fishermen can begin a full exploration of the journey to find special items. This is one of the design features intended to increase the level of bonuses received. Here, players can also earn many special items released by the publisher for those who are passionate about exploring.


The currently developed Little Mermaid game is still conquering and gaining the trust of many fishermen. If you are interested, come to Okvip immediately to have the most comfortable and wonderful moments of experience. 

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