Hi88 Keno Game – New Generation Lottery Betting Trend

Hi88 Keno game is a form of lottery betting that is receiving special attention because it brings more interesting experiences than traditional playing. How to play Keno game at cá cược thể thao Hi88 is not too difficult but requires persistent practice to understand the rules and find a chance to win. If you don’t know where to start, let Hi88 guide you through the following content!

What kind of game is Keno Hi88?

Similar to traditional lottery, Keno is a form of betting on numbers and comparing the results after the draw ends. When realizing the increasing demand for lottery betting, bookmaker Hi88 quickly deployed the Keno version so that online players can enjoy entertainment using only a phone or computer device with an Internet connection. 

Each spin in the Hi88 Keno game will be about 10 minutes apart. The total number of spins that bookmaker Hi88 is deploying in a day is 95. However, 95 is only an average number, there will be peak days when the number of spins exceeds this level. 

In addition to the plus point of quick dialing time, players also love the Hi88 Keno game because the bet levels here are diverse and do not require too much capital to participate. For those who are inexperienced or afraid of risks, you can absolutely start with a bet of 10,000 VND. The bonus amount is also an advantage that makes players unable to take their eyes off this game. No matter how much money you bet, you still have a chance to win up to 2 billion VND. 

Instructions on how to play Keno Hi88 game in the simplest way

Rookie players should start with the following guide by Hi88. This simple way to play will help you quickly get used to the game and soon become a winning player. 

  • When logging into your bookie account, you need to make sure your betting wallet at Hi88 has been successfully deposited. After that, you can access the Lottery lobby and select the Keno Hi88 game. 
  • Participants need to choose the numbers they think are reasonable in the combination from 1 to 80 and place money on each set of numbers. Minimum bet is 10K, maximum is unlimited. The special thing about Hi88 is that you can freely choose the number of spins you want to participate in, you can even play more than 30 consecutive spins.  

Keno betting forms at Hi88

Besides information about the rules of the game, you need to understand some of the most popular forms of Keno today. Specifically, how to play is as follows:

  • Big – Small (Over/Under): Bettors need to choose up to 5 numbers if they want to participate in this form of betting. The dealer will give a level of XYZ. If the result of the draw is greater than the XYZ number, the person who bet on Over wins. Under wins when the result is less than XYZ, if the result is equal to XYZ then Tie wins. 
  • Even – Odd: This type of game focuses on the properties of numbers, there are 3 options: even numbers, odd numbers or Tie. You need to predict how many odd/even numbers will appear in the result.

In addition to the above two bets, the Hi88 Keno game also deploys a number of combined bets such as Odd Even, Over/Under or Five Elements bet. However, for new players who do not have much experience, the safest solution is to only bet 1 bet at a time. 

4 Keno tips to help you stay undefeated in every game at Hi88

Your Hi88 Keno game bets will go more smoothly if you memorize these 4 tips before starting.
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  • Understand the rules: After consulting the detailed rules above, you can bet a small amount of money to have the opportunity to try out the game, understand the rules and draw your own tips.
  • Prioritize safe bets: The probability of this game is very difficult to predict, so you should not be too reckless. You should choose games that are easy to win. Although the prize amount is smaller, it minimizes many risks. The loss rate is also low, bettors can limit losses and money loss thanks to this playing experience. 
  • Change the table when you see a bad situation: If you notice that bad luck is coming and play a few games but it’s not going well, you need to change the table to save the situation. Being flexible with changes also helps you reduce the feeling of boredom.  
  • Maintain a calm mentality: The wisest player is the one who is not influenced by the crowd. It will be difficult for you to reach your winning goal if you keep changing your betting decisions based on the opinions of others. 

The appeal of the Hi88 Keno game has never cooled down since its launch. However, to win this game, just remembering the rules and applying the tips suggested above is not enough. You need to avoid some common mistakes such as placing exponential bets, subjectively not tracking results statistics or choosing the wrong bookmaker. To overcome these problems, the best way is to register an account at Hi88 to experience Keno under the guidance and experience sharing of many reputable players.  

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