Building The Body You Want


Each of us has specific goals and body re-composition targets we want to hit. We all have that image in our heads of how we want our bodies to look. We’ve seen the celebrity we want to look like and we have set some sort of rough date that we want to achieve it by.

Having these visions and goals is crucially important to your success in any new fitness regime. If you don’t have the end goal in sight you won’t have the motivation and drive to reach the finish line.

Before you start this program, I want you to answer some very simple questions and write the answers to them down. Doing this will help to clarify your goals and set them in stone. Understanding your motivations is one of the most important steps you can take in order to reach the successful conclusion of any goal.

Steps to Ensure Your Success

Doing this helps you understand the rationale behind your desire to change and this is what you can focus on if you ever want to quit. If you ever have a day you want to give up then go back and read this statement.

By going through each of these quick steps you have drastically increased your chances of success. By clarifying and visualizing your goals you will find that you are much more motivated than you’ve ever previously been. Now that you have the end result insight you just need an excellent program to follow and that’s what this book is going to provide for you.

Your Guide to Nutrition

Losing fat, building muscle, and crafting the body of your dreams can’t be done with just an exercise and fitness routine. Your diet and nutrition is just as important as the exercise you do. Without a solid nutritional plan, you will never get the body you want. I cannot emphasize the importance of proper nutrition in regard to health and fitness.

Not only will it allow you to reach your body composition goals, but it will also make you happier, help you sleep better, increase your testosterone, and improve almost every health marker we measure. Perhaps, more important than all those combined, is that it will help you live longer; simply put, people who eat a healthy diet live longer. In this program, you will see results if you only follow the exercises, but in order to see incredible, life-changing results I suggest you follow the principles I am going to layout.

Excerpt from The 6 Pack Chef

This section will explore the various rules you have to follow in order to shred off fat and reveal your 6 pack. These rules are simple to follow and you will most likely have come across some of them before. Read them carefully and follow them religiously. The first few rules are all set around the famous (and very true) saying of, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym

You Have to Eat.

If you want to be lean and have a shredded 6 pack you have to eat. Starving yourself will just result in a loss of muscle, a screwed-up metabolism and a malnourished appearance. By eating you will be providing your body will everything it needs to burn fat, keep your metabolism working, feed your muscles, and ultimately get shredded – but remember you need to eat the right foods, which brings us to rule 2.

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