Six Pogo Pins Advantages You Need to Know

This blog is about pogo pins and pogo test pins. Pomagtor probes provide a full range of testing solutions, including 0.7mm ultra-fine pitch IC probes, burn-in testing, wafer-level packaging testing, general terminal testing, and PCB testing probes.

The advantages of six types of pogo pin design:

  1. SMT type: good stability, the bottom of the needle tube is designed with a flat bottom, which is conducive to welding with the PCB board.
  2. DIP type: The end of the needle tube of the probe type connector is equipped with a positioning needle, which ensures that there will be no offset phenomenon during the welding process, and it has an excellent positioning effect.
  3. Bending type: Bending design at the tail provides designers with more choices in space utilization.
  4. Double head type: The design of double head and double action is applied, so that engineers have more space flexibility in the two-way connection of board to board.
  5. Welding wire type: suitable for use on the CABLE end, which is conducive to welding with the wire.
  6. Threaded type: Products with special specifications can meet the different needs of customers, and can also be customized according to customer needs.

Benefits of the Pomagtor product

If you need the pogo test pins for testing, contact Pomagtor, Pomagtor is definitely worth considering. Not only does this tester have a wide range of current speeds it can handle, but it also has a built-in oscilloscope to help you diagnose problems with your circuits more easily. Plus, because it’s made by an established brand, you know that its quality is never going to let you down.

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