Instructions on how to play Xoc Dia with Rice for beginners

Xoc Dia rice dish like a chair, because its hotness is not a table. This game not only helps players recall childhood feelings. More than that, it is also an extremely attractive investment path. So have you mastered how to play Xoc Dia with expert standards? If not, come along New88today In this article to get started!

Introducing the extremely hot game Xoc Dia rice

Xoc Dia is a folk betting game that has been around for a long time and it originates from China – the northern neighbor. Since its appearance, this game has quickly been loved and sought after by betting enthusiasts. With widespread coverage, Xoc Dia gradually becomes one of the indispensable games at major casinos around the world.

And when exploited and put into operation by online bookmakers like New88, Xoc Dia rice rice has created a huge boost in the online betting community. Thanks to that, you have the opportunity to rediscover the experience of those days in modern times at the online bookmaker.

Accordingly, the way to play Xoc Dia online is not much different from the traditional type. The game is still based on the principles of prediction, betting and payout. However, this type of online will definitely have new variations to bring a completely unique Xoc Dia to you.

Although Xoc Dia rice New88 is considered simple and not too “brain hacking” like many other betting games. However, that doesn’t make it any less attractive. On the contrary, this is the special point that makes Xoc Dia stand out among a series of names in New88 casino. That makes the childhood folk game seem to be raised to a new level.

Instructions on how to play Xoc Dia rice New88 for newbies

As mentioned above, although upgraded to an online version, Xoc Dia online basically still retains its typical rules. To understand how to participate, let’s first learn about the rules of the game. Specifically:

Rules of Xoc Dia rice game

At online Xoc Dia tables at New88, you need to follow the following rules when participating:

  • An online Xoc Dia table will not limit the maximum number of participants, but there will be a limit on the minimum and maximum bet amount.
  • Players can only bet within the time specified by the house, usually about 15-30 seconds
  • The player will choose one of the bets listed on the table and each bet will have a different corresponding payout rate.

Popular betting options

Xoc Dia rice rice at bookmaker New88 will include the following basic bets:

  • Even: You predict the 4 colors of the rook after being bumped are 4 red / 4 white / 2 red – 2 white
  • Odd: You predict the 4 colors of the rook after being shaken up: 1 red – 3 white / 1 white – 3 red
  • Over: You predict the following 4 colors after being bumped: 4 red / 3 red 1 white
  • Under: You predict the 4 colors of the rook after being shaken up are 4 white / 3 white 1 red

In addition, New88 bookmaker also opens more doors for players to choose from to bet to bring a more unique and interesting experience.

How to play Xoc Dia rice rice in detail

Xoc Dia online is an irresistible attraction for gamers like Omachi. A complete game of Xoc Dia New88 will be played as follows:

  • Step 1: The player places a bet
    • According to the house’s regulations, each game will have many types of betting chips with different values. Players choose chips/bets within the prescribed time and choose the bet they want to place.
    • The system will display the amount the player bets and you should confirm if nothing changes. At this point, you will see that the bet you selected has been placed with chips.
  • Step 2: After the specified betting time expires, the dealer will start shaking the disc and announce the results. After that, everyone will compare and the house will reward the winning players according to the prescribed ratio. The loser will lose the bet to the house and start a new Xoc Dia game.

Great way to play Xoc Dia with rice and rice to win money very easily

If you want to earn a lot of rewards from this betting game, don’t rush into “living or dying” with it if you don’t want to lose money unfairly. What you need to do is to cultivate and accumulate a lot of real combat experience from experts to easily conquer it. Some golden tips for playing Xoc Dia online to win at New88 that you need to remember are as follows:
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  • Apply the Fibonacci rule
  • Play in a quick style
  • Stop at the right time
  • Play to the winner,…

So, you can see that the way to play Xoc Dia rice rice is not only simple but also extremely “banh cuon”. Hope the articleCard game New88’s above is useful to help gamers easily enter Xoc Dia online and win huge rewards!

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