Shooting Mermaids – the hottest game of 2023

Fish shooting game is making waves in the international and Vietnamese game market. Thanks to its reputation, there has never been a scam from this game. So the game portal shoot angelfish  New88 is trusted by many people to have wonderful moments of relaxation and bring many valuable rewards.
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Overview of shooting angelfish

Shoot angelfish famous for providing the top 1 most reliable and ripe fish shooting games for blue coins in Vietnam. This game is also based on a combination of fish shooting games in shopping centers and supermarkets. Since then, the publisher has launched a reputable game portal that is loved by thousands of people today. Game title, suitable for most ages who are passionate about online games.

Shoot angelfish Here is equipped with an extremely rich and modern system of guns and ammunition. The challenge tool system has extremely fast destructive power. Therefore, the game portal is highly appreciated by people in the gaming industry for its uniqueness and attraction.

Come to shoot angelfish Players will experience and admire the vast ocean world. This place gathers countless species of fish and rich marine life. It is a great choice for you to entertain and learn many new things from the natural world.

Strengths in the development of angelfish shooting

To survive and occupy the top prestigious position in the gaming market to attract an increasingly larger number of customers.Shoot angelfish developed with the following outstanding advantages:

Interface and sound

For online game portals, the interface is considered the face. Shoot angelfish Attracts players with the perfect combination of sound and vivid, realistic images. We firmly believe that customers will feel satisfied from the first time they experience this game.

The full HD screen projects and displays fish with special colors. Just looking at it makes players feel like they want to try it right away.

Special weapon system

An arsenal of good weapons in online fish shooting is an indispensable part to destroy targets and bring many rewards. Players can freely choose a variety of suitable guns for the most effective combat.

Weapons and guns inside shoot angelfish All have specific notes and usage instructions so players can understand how to play. Therefore, players do not need to worry about their first contact with target shooting.

The rules of the game are quite simple

Shoot angelfish The game rules are extremely simple due to understanding the information access needs of most players. If the game rules are long and difficult to understand, gamers will get bored and skip it. Simple game rules will suit many players.

If you are a new gamer, it won’t take you too much time to learn how to play. Shoot angelfish It doesn’t require too many complex skills, so you just need to practice a lot to improve your skills and accumulate more Fish shooting experience and shooting techniques will certainly bring in many rewards.

Summary of typical events at angelfish shooting

Event 1: Gift Card immediately receives the reward

For this event, you just need to go to our page shoot angelfish Share and like the page and you will immediately receive attractive rewards such as: immediately receive a Giftcard of 525,000 coins, a Giftcard of 210,000 coins will be given to you immediately, and 105,000 coins will be given to anyone in this rank. With this last rank, you will only receive 52,500 coins, so try to reach the top.
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The way to receive rewards is simple as follows:

First: Share and like this article in public mode

Second: Comment 1 Photo or 1 fish shooting video that you enjoy the most.

Finally: Invite more friends to like the page

Event 2: Shoot your heart out with daily Gift Cards

Brothers play shoot angelfishThe lucky ones will receive 52,500 coins if they do the following steps correctly and quickly:

Step 1: Share and like the article content on your homepage to make it public.

Step 2: Write the name of your favorite character in the game.

Step 3: Wait for the page to announce the luckiest person to receive the gift.


Above is some information about shoot angelfish and the most effective tips for this game that you should refer to. Hope you will have great experiences in this game.

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