Forest City: A Modern, Environmentally-Friendly, and Forward-Looking Community

Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd, the business arm of the Malaysian government, and the Country Garden Group have joined forces to form Country Garden Pacificview Sdn Bhd. The Country Garden Group’s Forest City is one of the most innovative new cities in the world. In Johor, Malaysia, in the Iskandar special economic zone, there are four man-made islands that cover 30 km2. Forest City combines the environment, technology, and cutting-edge technology to make a place to live and work that is ideal, beautiful, and driven by technology. Forest City is the best place to be if you want to be a part of this energy.

Forest City as an Ideology

Mr. Yeung Kwok Keung, Chairman of the Country Garden Group, had a dream that Forest City would be an ideal, beautiful, and technologically driven place to live and work. All year long, the city has a mild temperature, beautiful views of the sea, clear blue skies, and clean air. There is no traffic in the city, and it is full of beautiful parks where people can swim or take a long walk to rest. Everything about this future society is interesting, from the food and fun to the jobs and hobbies. People in Forest City can enjoy life to the fullest because the city has the right mix of nature and modern comforts.

Modern City that Takes Care of the Environment

Forest City is a high-tech city with a focus on being good to the earth. The city gives all of its people a full and connected smart island experience, with cutting-edge technologies in homes, personalized public services, and fun cultural activities. The Forest Life App is Forest City’s one-stop shop for services. It makes it easy for locals to get in touch with a wide range of local businesses.


Forest City is a future, forward-thinking city that combines cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly practices to make an ideal community. With its perfect weather, beautiful parks, and lack of cars, the city is Mr. Yeung Kwok Keung’s dream come true. The Forest Life App is a one-stop service tool for the city, and the city itself uses cutting-edge technology to build a healthy environment. Forest City is the best place to be a part of this energy because it has the right mix of nature and technology.

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