A Manufacturer of Silicone Products in China: XinHongFa

Kitchen utensils, infant items, and everyday essentials are the main product categories of XinHongFa, China’s leading silicone products manufacturer. This blog post talks about the company’s distinctive silicone raw ingredients and innovative past.

Introduction of XinHongFa

Our manufacturer, XinHongFa, was established in 2004 and is one of the first to provide silicone R & D, design, and manufacturing integration solutions. It is now situated in Dongguan. We presently occupy 10,000 square meters with more than 300 staff members and our knowledgeable workforce.

XinHongFa established four departments for producing solid silicone rubber products, liquid silicone rubber products, plastic products, and molds, as well as a dust-free workshop, to improve quality and efficiency while maintaining growth as a significant player in the silicone rubber products industry. Additionally, the business has looked into a coordinated and effective production mode between efficiency and quality, from sample reception to sample confirmation to open mold receiving order manufacture.

Silicone products industry

Due to its strength and light weight, silicone is one of the most commonly used production materials. Silicones are widely used in medical and kitchenware, toys and other products. The world’s largest producer of silicone products is China.

Why Choose XinHongFa?

XinHongFa is a top producer of silicone goods in China. It was established over 15 years and is now regarded as one of the leading producers of silicone goods in the nation. Numerous silicone goods, including silicone rubber, silicone adhesive, silicone sealant, and food-grade silicone material, are produced by Xinhongfa. Products from the firm are utilized in the industrial, electrical, medical, and automotive sectors. A significant provider of silicone goods to the Chinese market is XinHongFa.

Applications for XinHongFa products

Leading silicone product producer XinHongFa has a wide range of products. The business has created a wide range of goods for several markets, including the food, and medical sectors.

Silicone rubber is among the most well-known items produced by Xinhongfa. A flexible material, silicone rubber is utilized in many products, including consumer items, vehicle components, medical equipment, and building supplies. Silicone rubber can tolerate high amounts of stress and is heat- and moisture-resistant.

Numerous consumer products, like phone covers and headphones, may be made from silicone rubber. In automobile components like fuel lines and turbochargers, it is also helpful.

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